Sep 30th, 2014
Why Art Should Matter to Christians

Imagine a world with…

Sep 30th, 2014
Artists Are Catalysts: Interview with Makoto Fujimura – Part 2

In his new book, Ref…

Sep 30th, 2014
5 Ways the Church Can Make Great Art Again

The church was once…

Apr 1st, 2014
COR Album: Closer

Please contact kelvi…

Apr 1st, 2014
Men’s Fellowship

The group will meet…


26 Dec 2014
MSS Youth Camp
12 Dec 2014
SPS Retreat
12 Dec 2014
Pneuma – SPS Retreat 2014
9 Dec 2014
Prayer & Praise
2 Dec 2014
COR @Prayer
  • Worship

    We are committed to worship God in spirit and in truth through music and the arts.

  • Prayer

    We are committed to prayer, at all times and in all circumstances because we can do nothing apart from Him.

  • Equipping

    We are committed to help all believers in Jesus Christ grow in Christian maturity.

  • Outreach

    We believe in serving the Schools and Communities.