Lent @COR 2019

Lent @COR 2019

From the earliest days of the Church, Christians have observed with great devotion the time of our Lord’s passion and resurrection. Originally, the Season of Lent was a time of preparation for those who were to be baptised into the faith community at the Easter Vigil, the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ early on Easter Sunday. Later, it became the custom of the Church to set aside this season for reflection, penitence and fasting.

The Season of Lent spans 40 weekdays beginning on Ash Wednesday and climaxing during Holy Week with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and concluding on Saturday before Easter. By keeping these 40 days with care and attention, Christians take to heart our sinfulness and brokenness while calling to mind the assurance of forgiveness proclaimed in the Gospel.

Ash Wednesday (6 March):

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. In this service, we commit ourselves to the Observation of Lent as a community. Traditionally, ashes are imposed as a reminder of our mortality and a sign of our penitence.