DateSpeakerDescriptionListen Now
6 October, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - AWOL
28 September, 2019Rev. Christopher ChanAdult Service - Body Life: Mutual Respect And Submission In The Body
22 September, 2019Rev. Ian ChewYouth Service - The Essence Of The Gospel: Life In The Spirit
15 September, 2019Mr Mark LoAdult Service - Education Weekend
15 September, 2019Andrew LeongYouth Service - The Purpose Of The Gospel: Freedom From The Law
7 September, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - Occupying Our Stations In Life
1 September, 2019Loke Chi ShyanAdult Service - Honoring God With Your Body
25 August, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - Church Discipline
25 August, 2019Dr Leow Theng HuatYouth Service - The Blessing Of The Gospel: New Life Through Christ
18 August, 2019Rev. Ian ChewAdult Service - Church And Its Leaders
18 August, 2019Rev. David LeeYouth Service - The Blessing Of The Gospel: Reconciliation With God
11 August, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - In Christ Alone
11 August, 2019Rev. Ian ChewYouth Service - The Message Of The Gospel: True Goodness Through Faith
4 August, 2019Rev. Dr Timothy ChongAdult Service - Joy In Chains
28 July, 2019Richard TingAdult Service - Rhythm Of Life: Alive In Worship
28 July, 2019Rev. Jeremy-Joe TanYouth Service - The background Of The Gospel: Our universal Guild Before God
21 July, 2019Loke Chi ShyanAdult Service - Rhythm Of Life: Rejuvenated In Play
21 July, 2019Andrew LeongYouth Service - The Background Of The Gospel: Sin - Why It Matters
14 July, 2019Rev. Ian ChewYouth Service - The Nature Of The Gospel
13 July, 2019Rev. Jeremy-Joe TanAdult Service - Rhythm Of Life: Fulfilled In Work
7 July, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service: Rhythm Of Life: Renewed In Rest
30 June, 2019Loke Chi ShyanAdult Service - Free To Live In Christ
23 June, 2019Ian ChewYouth Service - The Most Holy Body And Blood Of Christ
22 June, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - Launch Out Into The Deep
16 June, 2019Rev. Christopher ChanAdult Service - Celebrating The Holy Trinity
16 June, 2019Shirley BongYouth Service - (In)Significant
9 June, 2019Rev. George TayAdult Service - Be Urgent In Season and Out of Season
2 June, 2019Ian ChewYouth Service - The Beginning Of The Church
1 June, 2019Rev. Dr. John SimAdult Service - Moses Is Dead
26 May, 2019Rt. Rev. Rennis S. PonniahAdult Service - The Promised Gift Of The Holy Spirit
12 May, 2019Mrs Dora ChuaAdult Service - Sarah - A Mother of Nation
12 May, 2019Rev. Christopher ChanYouth Service - The Lord Is My Shepherd
4 May, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - Loving And Serving Jesus
28 April, 2019Rev. Dr Timothy ChongAdult Service - Purchased, Positioned & Purposed
18 April, 2019Rev. Peter CookMaundy Thursday Service - The Garden of Gethsemane
14 April, 2019Loke Chi ShyanAdult Service - I Cannot Keep Silent
7 April, 2019Pastor Andy LimAdult Service - Rethinking The Great Commission?
7 April, 2019Nicole NaiYouth Service - Focus On One Thing
31 March, 2019Loke Chi ShyanYouth Service - The Prodigal Father
30 March, 2019Pastor Andy LimAdult Service - Rethinking The Great Commission?
24 March, 2019Rev. Christopher ChanAdult Service - The Moment Of Recognition
17 March, 2019Rev. Dr Timothy ChongAdult Service - The Posture Of Listening
3 March, 2019Mrs Lai-Kheng PoussonAdult Service - Who Is The Greatest Of Them All?
24 February, 2019Pastor Andy LimAdult Service - Rethinking The Great Commission? (Part 2)
24 February, 2019Pastor Andy LimAdult Service - Rethinking The Great Commission? (Part 1)  
17 February, 2019Ian ChewAdult Service - The Gift of Seeing
17 February, 2019Shirley BongYouth Service - God's Mercy For People
9 February, 2019Loke Chi ShyanAdult Service - The Importance Of Turning Aside
3 February, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - The Cultivation Of The Heart
27 January, 2019Rt. Rev. Rennis PonniahAdult Service - Proclamation & Submission As The People Of God
13 January, 2019Loke Chi ShyanAdult Service - God Speaks
5 January, 2019Rev. David LeeAdult Service - Arise And Shine
29 December, 2018Loke Chi ShyanAdult Service - Renewed For Next Year!
15 December, 2018Ps Robin JohnAdult Service - The Power Of Intercession
9 December, 2018Rev. Jeremy-Joe TanAdult Service - Sharing The Good News: Jesus And The Samaritan Woman
9 December, 2018Ian ChewYouth Service - The Message Of The Gospel  
2 December, 2018Rev. Jeremy PonniahAdult Service - Sharing The Good News: Philip And The Eunuch
25 November, 2018Rev. Christopher ChanAdult Service - Sharing The Good News: Paul In Athens
25 November, 2018Ian ChewYouth Service - Jesus: How well do you know Him?
18 November, 2018Rev. Dr Timothy ChongAdult Service - The Gospel To Transform
18 November, 2018Loke Chi ShyanYouth Service - An Invitation
11 November, 2018Rev. Canon John BensonAdult Service - Pray Without Ceasing
11 November, 2018Rev. Christopher ChanYouth Service - The Defeat Of Death  
4 November, 2018Rev. Jeremy PonniahAdult Service - The Gospel Of Grace And Truth  
28 October, 2018Rev. David LeeAdult Service - Our Commitment - Bridge Builders
21 October, 2018Dr Leow Theng HuatYouth Service - A Tale Of Two Disciples
16 October, 2018Shirley BongYouth Service - Boldly We Approach His Throne
7 October, 2018Dr Goh Wei LeongAdult Service - The Foreigners Among Us
30 September, 2018Ian ChewYouth Service - Reaching Out To The Wandering
23 September, 2018Rev. Jackson JarauAdult Service - Paul: Praying For Power
23 September, 2018Nicole NaiYouth Service - The Reward Of Patience
16 September, 2018Rev. Jeremy PonniahYouth Service - Putting Our Future In God's Hands
16 September, 2018Rev. Daniel TongAdult Service - Seductress And Simpleton
9 September, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSWS - Jonah: Praying For Salvation
9 September, 2018Ian ChewMSS - Friendship With The World Or God?
8 September, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSPS - Jonah: Praying For Salvation
2 September, 2018Rev. Dr Timothy ChongSWS - Nehemiah: Praying For Favour
26 August, 2018Ian ChewMSS - Ambitions - Is Having Them Good Or Evil?
26 August, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - When God Is Silent
19 August, 2018Nicole NaiMSS - The Mighty Tongue
18 August, 2018Rev. David LeeSPS - Church As A Healing Community
12 August, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - Divine Exchange – Healing In The Atonement
12 August, 2018Ian ChewMSS  - Faith Without Works Is Dead
11 August, 2018Rev. David LeeSPS - Divine Exchange – Healing In The Atonement
5 August, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - Health And Healing As God’s Design
31 July, 2018Rev. Jeremy PonniahSPS - Zeal For My Father's House
29 July, 2018Ian ChewMSS - Hospitality The Highest Virtue
21 July, 2018Ian ChewSPS - Becoming One In Christ
15 July, 2018Richard TingSWS - Awakening
15 July, 2018Rev. David LeeMSS - God Is Good All The Time
14 July, 2018Richard TingSPS - Awakening
1 July, 2018Rev. Dr Timothy ChongSWS - The Paradox Of The Gospel Ministry
24 June, 2018Ian ChewMSS - Why Must John The Baptist Come First?
23 June, 2018Rev. Christopher ChanSPS - Comfort, Now And Forever
17 June, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - The Prodigal Father
16 June, 2018Rev. David LeeSPS - The Prodigal Father
10 June, 2018Leon StewartSWS - Mess To A Message
6 June, 2018Rev. Joshua SudharmanChurch Camp 2018 Session 4 - Generations Unite in Witness
6 June, 2018Rev. Joshua SudharmanChurch Camp 2018 Session 3 - Generation Unite in the Holy Spirit
6 June, 2018Rev. Joshua SudharmanChurch Camp 2018 Session 2 - Generations Unite in Discipleship
6 June, 2018Rev. Joshua SudharmanChurch Camp 2018 Session 1 - Generations Unite in Worship
3 June, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSWS - Spirit Of Faith
2 June, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSPS - Spirit Of Faith
27 May, 2018Ian ChewMSS - Relating With The Triune God
27 May, 2018Rev. Jeremy PonniahSWS - An Awesome Vision Of God
26 May, 2018Bishop Kuan Kim SengSPS - Be Filled With The Holy Spirit (Confirmation Service)
20 May, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - Reigning By The Power Of The Spirit
20 May, 2018Nicole NaiMSS - The Spirit That Breaks Borders
19 May, 2018Rev. David LeeSPS - Reigning By The Power Of The Spirit
13 May, 2018Rev. Dr Timothy ChongSWS - What Do You Want Me To Do For You?
12 May, 2018Rev. Dr Timothy ChongSPS - What Do You Want Me To Do For You?
6 May, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - Building God’s House
6 May, 2018Rev. Jeremy PonniahMSS - The Ascension: Christ's Coronation
30 April, 2018Andrew TaySWS - Welcome Him
30 April, 2018Shirley BongMSS - A Divine Appointment - ‘No One Is Here By Chance’
22 April, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSWS - Only Jesus: Our Shepherd
22 April, 2018Ian ChewMSS - Are There Other Ways To God?
21 April, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSPS - Only Jesus: Our Shepherd
15 April, 2018Bishop Kuan Kim SengSWS - And His Slaves Will Serve Him
8 April, 2018Rev. Christopher ChanSWS - That You May Believe
8 April, 2018Loke Chi ShyanMSS - The Heart Of Jesus
25 March, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The LORD
25 March, 2018Ian ChewMSS - The Descent Of Christ
24 March, 2018Rev. David LeeSPS - Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The LORD
18 March, 2018Rev. Jeremy PonniahSWS - Overcoming Through Prayer
11 March, 2018Shirley BongSWS - A Snake And A God That Loves
10 March, 2018Shirley BongSPS - A Snake And A God That Loves
4 March, 2018Mrs Tan Yin MeiSWS - Nip In The Bud
4 March, 2018Dr Tan Kim HuatMSS - Blueprint For Life
3 March, 2018Mrs Tan Yin MeiSPS - Nip In The Bud
25 February, 2018Rev. Dr Timothy ChongSWS - Who Do You Say I Am?
25 February, 2018Ian ChewMSS - What Did Jesus Do On The Cross?
24 February, 2018Rev. Dr Timothy ChongSPS - Who Do You Say I Am?
18 February, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - Blessed With Every Spiritual Blessing
18 February, 2018Rev. Christopher ChanMSS - Repent And Believe
11 February, 2018Richard TingSWS - Jesus Loves Me
11 February, 2018Ian ChewMSS - God's Merciful Redemption
10 February, 2018Richard TingSPS - Jesus Loves Me
4 February, 2018Bishop Kuan Kim SengSWS - Lay Up Treasurers In Heaven
28 January, 2018Rev. David LeeSWS - Conquerors In Christ
28 January, 2018Shirley BongMSS - Ruth's Naive Obedience
27 January, 2018Rev. David LeeSPS - Conquerors In Christ
21 January, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSWS - God’s Surpassing Love
21 January, 2018Nicole NaiMSS - Boaz's Remarkable Generosity
20 January, 2018Loke Chi ShyanSPS - God’s Surpassing Love
14 January, 2018Rev. Christopher ChanSWS - Come And See
14 January, 2018Ian ChewMSS - Naomi's Accidental Crises
13 January, 2018Rev. Christopher ChanSPS - Come And See
7 January, 2018Bishop Kuan Kim SengSWS - Baptism, By Water And The Spirit