Welcome Back, COR!

Chapel of the Resurrection will resume our on-site services on the 28-29 November weekend, which also marks the beginning of the Advent season. All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you back. 

English On-site Services Timing

Saturday Praise Service: Every Saturday, 4:30pm: with concurrent Children’s program

Sunday Worship Service: Every Sunday, 10am

Mustard Seed Service: Every last Sunday of the month, 12:00pm 

All Services will be held in the Sanctuary and broadcast to Shaw Hall and #01-14/15



Due to limitations on the number of attendees in Phase 2, entrance into physical church will strictly be on a ticketed basis. As slots for each service will be limited, you and your family, including children are all required to register. Registration of tickets will be opened every Tuesday 1000 H, and closed on Thursday 2359 H. Successful registrants will be notified via email one day before the Service. The email will serve as your entry pass.

Let's keep everyone safe!

To comply to the safe-management guidelines, all worshippers and service personnel will be required to wear masks. This include going through the Safe Entry check in and out system, temperature checks, and safe distancing guidelines.

A video of how the measures work is shown below:

TraceTogether-only Check-in
Effective immediately, Chapel of the Resurrection is implementing TraceTogether-only check-in. Please check in using the TraceTogether (TT) App, or the TT token. As an interim measure for the month of December, you may use your NRIC to check in if you have not already obtained the TT token or app. SafeEntry check ins using SingPass or web browsers will be discontinued.

Arrival and Departure

Please arrive early, but not earlier than 30 minutes before the start of a Service. Worshippers are advised to leave the church premise immediately after the Service ends.

Entry and Exit

Please use the Jalan Toa Payoh gate for entry and exit. If you registered to attend Service in a group, please arrive and enter together as a group.

Movement within the Building

Each zone has been designated with a particular colour code: 

Zone A: Red

Zone B: Black

Zone C: Blue

Zone D: Green

Zone E: Brown 


All directional signages/ arrows around the building are coloured according to this colour code. Members to follow the directional signages/ arrows corresponding to their zones to enter/exit the building, and to go to the toilets.

SMP (for social media).png


We encourage all members to use the TraceTogether application or TraceTogether token for SafeEntry into our Services to facilitate contact tracing.


All members must have their masks on at all times.​


There should be no mingling with one another before, during and after the Service


Seniors (70 years and older), and members with preexisting medical conditions are discouraged from joining the Worship Service. We encourage you to join us via our online services.


Children Ministry Programme

Saturdays – A separate Children Ministry program will be available. 

Sundays – Children may attend the English services with their parents.


Tithes and Offering

Offertory boxes will be provided to facilitate the giving of tithes and offerings during services.