Philippians 3: 4-14

  1. Do up a Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss statement for your life. Share with one another what your list look like.

  2. Read Phil 3:1-14. Paul likened his life to a chariot race. Do you think that an accurate depiction of the life of Christians in general? Do you agree that the “Airport transit lounge” is a more accurate depiction of the way most Christians approach their life on earth? What affects the way we live our life? Which kind of life will you choose?

  3. Look at v7-8. Paul’s focus and determination in life was guided by the one thing that he considered valuable - knowing Jesus Christ and “be found in him”, which is to live His kind of life. Read vv10-11 and 2:5-11. How did Jesus live his life? How then are we to live ours? Are you prepared to live like Paul who lived like Christ (v17)?

  4. Recall the parable of the hidden treasure and pearl of great price in Mt 13:44-45. That is how radical one can become when we find something of great value. We will embrace Paul’s radical approach to life when we see the value of being in Christ. In the coming months, commit yourselves to rediscover the kind of life that Jesus wants to offer us. Share what kind of attitudes will help/hinder that process. Spend some time to pray for one another.