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Privacy Statement and Personal Data Protection Policy


By providing your personal data to Chapel of the Resurrection (“COR”) whether in writing, email, WhatsApp/ SMS messages, through our website, online forms, or through any of our worship services, activities, programs, discipleship/ cell/ ministry groups organised by COR or its representatives, you consent to COR’s collection, use, disclosure, transfer, retention and disposal of your personal data (and/or the personal data of any person on whose behalf you are validly acting for, or authorised to provide consent) for the following purposes in accordance with our Personal Data Protection Policy:


(a) Operational planning and implementation of projects, activities, and programs such as cell groups, ministry, fellowship,  and discipleship;

(b) Communication of activities, programs, and other membership-related information via electronic and non-electronic means, including electronic mails, SMS and/or WhatsApp messaging, physical mailers, devotions and/or church bulletins;  You may choose to decline to receive some or all of these communication media.

(c) Maintenance of records and databases, such as membership, programs, cell and ministry, baptism, marriage, birth, death, financial pledges and giving;

(d) Personal Data Identification, verification and authentication purposes;

(e) Allowing you to register or reply for activities and programs;

(f) Facilitating the making and payment of claims, including payments by cheque, bank transfer or other means; and

(g) Reporting and sharing of information within the Diocese of Singapore including amongst her parishes for furtherance of her religious objectives.

COR may collect personal data for activities (such as church/ congregational/ ministry camps or retreats; bible studies; classes; outreach activities), and publications (such as all multimedia / audio recordings, CHORUS magazines, photography and videography) that are not specified above. In such instances, the collection, use, disclosure, transfer, retention and disposal of your personal data (and/or the personal data of any person on whose behalf you are validly acting for, or authorized to provide consent) shall be governed by COR’s data protection procedures. Such procedure shall be read in conjunction with our Personal Data Protection Policy.


COR respects your personal data and privacy and will only collect, use, disclose, transfer, and dispose your personal data in accordance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012. If you wish to withdraw or limit your consent, please write to our Data Protection Officer with your full particulars and contact information.


Contact Us


COR is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of our members, worshippers at our services, attendees of our programs, visitors, volunteers, and staff. For enquiries about COR’s Personal Data Protection Policy and for any issues relating to your personal data, please write to the DPO at the following address:


Chapel of the Resurrection

1 Francis Thomas Drive #02-17

Singapore 359340


Attention: Data Protection Officer


Alternatively, you can choose to send an email to: or call the church office at +65 6289 7611 during office hours.

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