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English Congregation On-site Services Timing

Saturday Praise Service: Every Saturday, 4:30pm, with concurrent Children’s program

Sunday Worship Service: Every Sunday, 10am, with concurrent Children’s program

Mustard Seed Service: Every Sunday, 12:00 noon

SPS and SWS Services will be held in the Sanctuary and broadcasted to #01-14/15 and Shaw Hall respectively. MSS Service will be held in the Shaw Hall.

Entry Into The Church


Unless otherwise announced, you will no longer need to pre-register to attend any of our On Site Services. 


If you wish to attend any of these services, here are the key points to note:

  • Doors will open 30 minutes before the commencement of Service.

  • Entry into the church is by the COR entrance lobby only (Glass door beside Jalan Toa Payoh).

  • You may enter the church via the Jalan Toa Payoh gate, or via the St Andrew’s Secondary School gate (along Potong Pasir Ave 3).  

  • At the COR entrance lobby:

    • Our ushers will issue a token to inform you of your allocated zone. The Zones will be allocated in the following order: 

      • SPS: Zones A > B > C

      • SWS: Zones A > B > E > D

    • Please inform our ushers should you need to use the platform lift or the nursery.

    • TraceTogether-only check-in and Temperature Screening will be conducted at the entrance lobby. 

  • With effect from 1 April 2021, you may “check-in” using either one of the 4 available modes:

    • Tapping your TraceTogether Token, or your mobile phone with the TraceTogether App opened against the SafeEntry GateWay (SEGW) device;

    • Scanning the Safe Entry QR Code using your mobile phone with TraceTogether App installed;

    • Scanning the QR code on the back of your TraceTogether Token; 

    • Scanning your NRIC barcode 

    • (Interim measure – This will be discontinued upon full implementation of TraceTogether by the Authorities) 

  • Our ushers will direct you to your zone thereafter. You will also be asked to return the token issued to you earlier. 



Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Only members with valid COR/ SAV car decals are allowed to park in the church. Our carpark marshals will direct you on where to park. 


To register for a car decal, please click here: 

Children Ministry Programme

There will be concurrent Children Ministry program for both SPS and SWS. No registration is required but please drop your children off in #01-16 before entering the COR entrance lobby for Service. 


To provide a conducive environment for our children to learn, please refrain from sending your children for Children Ministry if they cannot stay for the entire program. 

Dismissal From Service

The route for dismissal is as shown:


Dismissal for Sunday Worship Service will be staggered – Zones D and E will be dismissed first, followed by Zones A and B. Announcements will be made after Service to facilitate this.

Let's keep everyone safe!

Please have your masks on at all times in the church premise.


Please visit the doctor and do not come for Service if you are not well. 


There should be no mingling with one another before, during and after the Service


Seniors (70 years and older), and members with preexisting medical conditions are discouraged from joining the Worship Service. We encourage you to join us via live stream


Consumption of food and beverages is strictly not allowed within the Church compound. 

For more information about our On Site Services

Please contact the Church Office or your Service Pastors. 

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