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Faces of COR

By Natalie Low


Alex Tan

How long have you been in COR?

Easily I think about… Maybe 17 years?

What made you stay in COR?

The people? Nice company here, and we got nice pastors.

What’s your favourite memory of your time spent in COR?

Uh, Was brought to COR by our so-called helper you see. She was looking for a church, so you know, somehow we got her into COR at Malan Road at that time, you see. So that memory stay until now, you see.


Melody Tan Chew Ling, 22 years old, graduated 2 months.

Where do you work at?

Into my 3rd month of working at TOUCH Community services.

I’m a care coordinator, in the elder care service at the TOUCH home care.

Everyday I go to old people’s houses, assess what kinds of needs they have and whether we can help them with our services. Uh, old people’s houses are… Quite smelly [giggles] and I have to wear long pants in case the bed bugs go into my leg.

When did you come to COR?

Uh, 2010, when I was in J1, around May cause Andrea Soh brought me in.

What’s your favourite memory in COR?

Memory? Uh…. I really like how, when I was in j1, when I just came into COR, the people from (cell group) El Shaddai, they were super welcoming. Like every single lunch, I would have like, more than 5 people talk to me about different stuff and I would be so overwhelmed I can’t even eat my food properly [giggles] but they were very welcoming.


Han Rong

How long have you been in SPS?

Uh…. 8 years?

What made you come to COR?

I was brought in by a friend – my secondary friend, Samuel.

What made you stay?

I guess I sort of like the people here, and for me, I’m a person that once I make a decision, usually I would just stick to it.

What is your favourite memory in COR?

Uh… my favourite memory would be the SPS retreats and the family camps. I think it was a great time for all of us, where I could bond with people from the different cell groups.


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