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Issue 17, November 2017

After a hiatus of almost a year, COR’s Chorus Magazine is back — with more!

Having heard from our readers that they wish they could share our various Chorus articles digitally, we took this year to archive our magazines into a digital platform for ease of sharing.

In this issue, Chorus explores the theme of our One Church Body — “Though We Are Many” — taken from the Holy Communion order of service, in the Book of Common Prayers.

The articles in this issue include:

  1. Introducing Rev. David Lee

  2. COR One Camp

  3. 8 ‘S’ of the Cambodia Vacation Bible School Trip

  4. Divine Getaway: Moving in the Realm of the Supernatural

  5. Is the Church Our Village?

  6. Washed and Waiting

  7. The Heart of a Youth Pastor

  8. Of a Single Mind

  9. Growing Old: A Gift from God

  10. When Cancer is Part of the Christian Journey

  11. A Miracle Baby

  12. Following God’s Lead to Scotland

  13. Special in God’s Eyes

  14. Nothing is Impossible!

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