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MSS Camp 2017 – SEt // APART

by Samantha Lee

On 16 December 2017, MSS set sail for St. John’s Island, just off the south coast of Singapore. The unusual location of Youth Camp 2017, “SEt // APART”, only heightened the charged atmosphere of the boat. Having missed the previous youth camp due to an illness, I was filled with expectation and excitement for this youth camp, especially because I would be a group leader for the first time. Our loud and exuberant voices pierced through the otherwise secluded island as we settled into our slightly grimy, yet cosy bunks.

The next four days passed in a blur of fun (albeit messy) games, questionable insects, favourable weather (yay thanks God!), emotional worship sessions, brain-wrecking mysteries (not just during Mystery Night, but also puzzles like “Where are the shower curtains?”), random rap battles and catwalks (we were slaves for points), cup noodles, and meaningful messages from God for this small but close-knit community of Mustard Seed Service.

I believe almost everyone encountered God in a very personal way during our time on St. John’s island. Many pledged to draw closer to Him, to take active steps to push on in their walk with Christ, to bring a friend to Christ, to pray everyday. Youth Camp is often seen as the highest point in the MSS community’s journey with God, and SEt // APART was just that — a time for re-dedication and the strengthening of this small part of the body of Christ. I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I am to be a part of MSS and COR, knowing that I always have a tribe to fall back on, and that I am privileged to grow up knowing He has saved me from myself. MSS Youth Camp 2017 is a fond memory that I will hold on to for a long time.


Writer’s Profile:

Samantha is a 16 year old, born-and-raised COR member, part of the Mustard Seed Service, with a passion for dank memes, the yodelling boy and singing pop songs operatically. A-Math is the bane of her existence.

Issue 18

This article first appeared in Issue 18, July 2018 CHORUS Magazine.


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