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Our Cambodia Trip

When Papa told us we were going to Cambodia, we were very excited because we had never been there before. The trip was in November 2012 but we started preparing from August that year, making beaded crosses to give the Cambodians and to raise funds. We also planned what to teach the children, learnt two dance items and several songs in Khmer. The church prayed for us and Reverend Chan came to send us off at the airport.

When we arrived in Cambodia, a fierce-looking immigration officer suddenly slapped his hand on one of our boxes but my mother remained calm. By God’s grace, we went through customs without trouble. Praise the Lord!

On our first day in Phnom Penh, we visited the church and spent time with the Cambodian Christians. The next morning, we took the truck to Kampung Speu. We had never been to a rural village and it was an eye-opener. The village children came over and we played many games. Even though we did not speak the same language, we communicated through hand signs and had lots of fun!

During our time there, we went to a few villages where we worshipped and prayed with the children. We also told them the creation story, sang songs, danced, and gave out food and clothes. On the third night, we held a youth service in church. A huge centipede crawled into the hall. It looked dangerous! Thank God for His protection as no one was bitten by this centipede, which was promptly killed.

On our second last day, we went door to door giving out flyers and gifts, encouraging people to come for the evangelistic Christmas service. The adults prayed healing and blessings on the villagers and the Cambodian Christians performed many items at the service. We presented a dance and the pastor preached a message in Khmer. Many people from nearby villages came and we helped serve a simple lunch of curry and bread. We also gave out presents to the children and interacted with them.

From this trip, we learnt how to be thankful and treasure God’s blessings. We also learnt it is important to spread the gospel. During the trip, we saw different people hunger and thirst for the Word of God and we felt encouraged to keep following God. We also learnt to trust in God as He will always watch over us.


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