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Stretch Your Way To Good Health

by Serene Ng

The saying “Health is wealth” is probably a very well known axiom to live by. Given the recent emphasis on healthy living, there has been an increase in health centres sprouting up all over Singapore.

In addition, numerous marathons and short runs organised by various organisations have attracted seasoned runners and newbies alike. The running craze is evident especially on weekends when people, young and old, gear up in sports attire and spend time ‘huffing and puffing’ around popular jogging routes in scenic Singapore.

The emphasis on exercise to promote physical well-being has influenced many. However, the body comprises of not only the physical but also the emotional and mental states. These three states must be carefully looked after with equal attention. Any failure on our part to do so will not enable us to have a healthy ‘body, mind and soul’.

In this issue of Chorus, we are going to introduce to you some stretching exercises. A large number of our church members are stationed in the office for more than eight hours a day. The following exercises which were kindly demonstrated by Saturday Praise Service’s Joel, Jonathan and Samuel can help us combat some of the physical discomforts we may experience after a day’s work. We can do some of these exercises even while seated.

The Physical

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A Neck stretch (to stretch muscles at the sides of neck)

  1. Tilt head towards the side with ear (almost) touching shoulder

  2. Keep opposite shoulder stationary

B Neck flexion (to stretch muscles at the back of neck)

  1. Tuck chin in towards chest

  2. Bend head forward and relax the shoulders

  3. Interlock fingers and place hands on back of head

  4. Gently press head downward to increase effectiveness of stretch

C Shoulder stretch

  1. Place one hand behind neck with elbow pointing upward

  2. Place the other hand onto the outside of the elbow

  3. Push elbow down gently

D Wrist and finger stretch

  1. Extend one arm in front of you

  2. Pull fingers back towards the forearm

  3. Stretch fingers in the opposite direction onto the back of the wrist

E Lower back release