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WEEK 7 | Day 40: 8 Apr - Review and Prayer

This week is what we call Holy week or Passion week. We see the heart of God for a lost and dying humanity. The Cross was the only solution for our sins and Jesus was willing to be the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Such love no man has ever seen before. The agony and suffering Jesus had to endure in order to bring us salvation.

Let’s take time to be still, quiet and contemplative as we reflect again on the heart of God, and pray for ourselves and the church family. Let’s pray that the Lord will touch and transform our hearts and fill us with His love.


1. Meditate upon the faithful, undying love of God. This love is reflected in the story of Hosea who was told to go seek for his estranged wife and bring her back to himself, though she was already a harlot. This is a very poignant picture of God’s Heart as our Husband.

2. Reflect upon the heart of God for His children. Though we have strayed away from him, yet he still longs for our returning to him. He is ever ready to welcome us home, restore us and shower us with his love. We are oftentimes just like the prodigal son but our heavenly Father loves us with an awesome love.

3. Take some time to think about the importance of obedience as an evidence that we truly love God. Learn to trust and obey as the Lord shows us that His ways are always for our good.

4. How much do you understand what it truly means to serve one another out of our love and devotion to Christ? Do we struggle with serving or even with being served?

5. How is the state of your own family today? Is there a need for “turning of hearts”? Is there a need for healing, restoration and reconciliation between parents and children?


1. Pray for an outpouring of God’s love into our hearts that we may be able to continue to love those who have hurt us, pulled away from us or even abandoned us.

2. Pray for any “prodigals” in our homes. Pray that the Lord will soften their hearts and bring them home. Pray that when they return home they will find true, forgiving and lavish love.

3. Pray for a more obedient heart in all of us. Pray for the Holy Spirit to so fill our hearts that we may love Him more.

4. Pray that serving one another will be a delight to us and that no one will be unwilling or reluctant to be a servant in the house of God.

5. Pray for healing in our homes. That there will be a “turning” of hearts. Parents will relate differently toward their children and children will be more obedient to their parents.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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