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When Life Takes An Unexpected Turn…

Losing a job is hard, especially if it’s one that brings joy and fulfillment. Janet shares her struggles when she was retrenched , and how God sustained her in that period of wilderness.

by Janet Chang

I always thought I would retire in that company, with a retirement party where all my colleagues-turned-friends would show up to celebrate with me. It was a place where I had built my career and loved so much.

On 4th Nov 2015, I was called into a room that we had termed the “Slaughter Room” . We knew the retrenchment exercise was going on that week, but until you get that call from your manager, you cling on to the hope that you are not the chosen one.

Two years later, the “Why me?” is still in my mind. Was it my age? Whose toes did I step on?

For the first three months after I was retrenched, I enjoyed the freedom – sleeping in late every morning, no Monday blues, etc. But as the days turned into weeks and months, all the interviews I went for and all the application letters I sent got me nowhere, and I started to wonder if I would ever find a job again.

My faith was challenged – Lord why are you doing this to me? Even though I enjoyed the first 3 months, I started feeling lost and useless as I was not being productive, having worked with a fixed schedule for so many years. I did not know what to do, finding myself suddenly with a lot of time on my hands. I had already turned the house upside down, packed and repacked every nook and cranny. I considered letting my helper go, because it looked like I was taking over her job.

Just when I thought I would never find work again, God sent me my new boss who saw something in me and believed in me. After looking at my resume which was sent by accident to her for another position by the consultant agency, she invited me for an interview.

To cut the story short, she gave me a chance and offered me the position of a customer relationship manager. My boss gave me back the confidence that I lost after my retrenchment.

I thank God for sending an angel into my life and I will forever be grateful to her for believing in me and giving me a chance.

For everyone that is going through the same phase that I did, I just want to say that it is all about God’s timing. Be patient and wait upon Him. He will never leave you. Looking back, I am very thankful that I was not accepted by some of the companies that I had applied for and wanted the job so badly. The job I hold now is not the perfect job but it has given me so much exposure and things to learn. I have met so many great mentors and worked with some great people along the way.


Writer’s Profile:

Janet currently worships in Sunday Worship Service. She is married to Patrick Low and has 3 daughters, Natalie, and a pair of twins, Magdalene and Rebecca, who all worship in Mustard Seed Service. She loves to travel, and enjoys searching for good food around the island.

Issue 18

This article first appeared in Issue 18, July 2018 CHORUS Magazine.


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