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Week 1 | Day 3: 24 Feb - That which was NOT GOOD!


“Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” (Genesis 2:18)


This was and is humanity’s fundamental problem - aloneness!

In creation, there is something that is not good, though God created it all. He does not make mistakes. God is incapable of it. God created Adam first. But God proclaimed that Adam’s solitude was not good for him. Adam was not as he was meant to be.

Aloneness is neither natural nor good for anyone. Mankind was made for companionship, for community; it is part of our divine makeup, or DNA if you like. Aloneness was man’s original problem. And so God made a partner for him. God gave to man the woman as the answer to his original and most significant problem.

Research has shown that children who are physically cared for but never actually engaged emotionally, physically, or visually, suffer dire negative consequences. Their hearts may remain beating, but their minds and spirits don’t develop. These children often experience mental, emotional as well as spiritual problems. Human beings need intimacy as much as they need food, water, shelter, and protection. Without intimacy, the young will likely die or be malformed. Adults who are deprived of intimate interaction tend to suffer emotionally and mentally too. This problem of aloneness was noted and addressed by God from the very beginning.

In a very task-oriented, goal- and performance-driven culture, it is very easy to put relationship-building on the back-burner. Husbands and wives neglect quality times together. Parents are either too busy or too tired to give attention to their children. Our engagements with others are often hurried and transactional rather than intimate and personal. As a result, we might be surrounded by people, but totally alienated and alone. This is totally contrary to God’s design and plan in the creation of mankind. Loneliness hurts. Worse still, prolonged isolation can either kill or drive us mad. On the other hand, intimacy in relationships brings health and life.


How would you rate your relationship with people in your immediate social circles (your biological family, spiritual family (the church), colleagues, classmates…etc)? What can you do to build up these significant relationships?


Lord, I pray that I will be more aware and conscious of the need for interaction and intimacy with the people around me. Help me not to be so distracted by busyness that I neglect building these significant relationships in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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