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Week 3 | Day 16: 11 Mar - Review

As we mentioned last Saturday, we are encouraging you individually and also as households, to gather together for a time of reflection, questions and answers, and especially for prayer.


1. The Sanctity of marriage has been under tremendous attack. Adultery, divorce and even the drive for same-sex marriages is on the rise. How can we as a Christian community and family stand together to protect, preserve and promote Biblical definition and practices of marriage?

2. In our very busy, over-committed lifestyle, intimacy and closeness of couples are needing attention. In what ways can we build a culture and an environment as a church to ensure families and marriages continue to value intimacy?

3. Sex in holy matrimony is not dirty. It is commanded by God and couples need to give time and space for this important aspect of marriage to happen. The Song of Songs is the Biblical support for this. What steps can we take to help couples who may have issues in this regard?

4. Sex is a very powerful force and needs to be handled wisely lest it is used for self-centered and exploitive ends. Discuss and reflect on this subject honestly and openly.

5. Keeping our marriages as well as singlehood pure is very challenging but necessary in view of our covenantal relationship with the Lord. How can our church family and community-life help foster and champion this?


Pray for COR as a spiritual family and community that we will stand together for and with all couples as well as singles. That we will be a powerful witness as we uphold the sanctity and sacredness of marriage as well as the goodness of God toward even the unmarried.

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