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WEEK 4 | Day 22: 18 Mar - Review

We encourage you to gather your family and spend a time of reflection and prayer.

Take time to examine the state of your family life. Be humble, be honest. Desire for the Lord to bring understanding as you sincerely seek for the truth.

FAMILIES are definitely under attack today. Even Christian families are not exempted or spared.

The Devil hates everything God has created and wants to destroy whatever God had intended for us to be and to enjoy. Satan wants to bring alienation, disharmony, disintegration and enmity in relationships.

The good News is that the Lord has the answers and solutions to every home/family/marriage conflicts and struggles. He uses his church community to come alongside families to support, comfort, encourage, minister and pray for all who need help. Satan does not need to be permitted succeed in his evil devises and plots.


(1) Satan hates all that God has made, therefore he seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Pray for all families to stay vigilant against all the wiles of the Enemy.

(2) Pray that husband and wives will take equal responsibility to spiritually watch over each other and over their families. Let no one be negligent, silent or asleep lest Satan takes advantage and attacks.

(3) Adam and Eve’s disobedience led to alienation, separation, and blaming each other. Are these things some married couple in our church face today? Lift them up before the Lord. Pray that they will turn to Christ for help, for healing and restoration of all broken relationships.

(4) Pray that we will place our full confidence in the victory of Jesus Christ’s saving act on Calvary, undoing what the first Adam did. Our hope is in the Last Adam.

(5) Pray that we all will grow in spiritual discernment and wisdom and that we will not fall prey to the lies and deception of Satan. Pray that even our children will be protected and shielded from the attacks of the Evil One.

(6) Pray that the Lord will help COR this year to successfully help all to TURN HOMEWARD, and Reaching Godward.


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