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WEEK 5 | Day 28: 25 Mar - Review and Prayer Time


1. Monday, we dealt with relationship between husbands and wives. How do you feel about the whole concept of Biblical submission?

Husbands, how do you feel and think about how your role and responsibility over your wife should be? How much do you model your life after the example of Christ over the church?

2. On Tuesday, we dealt about the issue of obedience and honoring of parents/elders by children? How has this spoken to you?

3. We dealt with the Master/domestic helper relationship on Wed. Has this caused you to reflect on your behavior and attitude toward your helper?

4. On Thursday, we raised the issue of hospitality toward the stranger. How has this impacted your thinking?

5. On Friday, we did a very brief study of Deuteronomy 6. How much does your family life reflect this model?


Pray that the Lord will help each and every family in COR grow in Godliness and Christlikeness. Ask the Lord to help us make the necessary changes wherever and whenever necessary so that our family life will truly be the seedbed for the propagation and transmission of our faith. That we will learn what it means to grow together. Amen.


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