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God Revealed in His Work and Word

In times of trouble, do we feel as if God is distant or absent? During challenging times, such as the current viral outbreak, it might be difficult for us to discern the presence of God. In Psalm 19, however, David reminds us that God can be seen, because He has chosen to reveal Himself. He does so in His work and His Word, through nature and Scripture.


The beauty of creation is God’s handiwork, a revelation of His power and wisdom. It is not surprising, then, that David pens these words: ‘The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.’ Day and night, even without audible words, the voice of creation is ‘heard’ as it declares the glory of the Creator.


David also reflects on the beauty and power of God’s Word. He uses interchangeably the terms law, statutes, precepts, commands, and decrees; together, they are God’s Word to His people. These are more than mere rules. They are God’s gracious self-revelation. They reflect His character; they reveal His glory. David is full of praise for God’s Word because it is a revelation of who God is.


With our current context in mind, Psalm 19 can guide us in our response to Covid-19. It reminds us that, even in the worst of times, God continues to reveal Himself through nature and Scripture. Of course, the viral outbreak also reminds us that creation has been corrupted by the Fall, resulting in sickness, disease, and death. Creation’s witness has been compromised. But even with an imperfect voice, it continues to proclaim the glory of God. Similarly, we are to testify of God’s glory, even if we can only do so with imperfect voices. God not only reveals Himself through His works and His words; God also reveals Himself through our works and our words.


In a time of darkness, would we boldly proclaim God’s glory and shine forth His light by our works and our words, through acts of mercy and compassion? May God enable us to do this, and may He use us mightily for the sake of His name. Amen.


Rev. Christopher Chan



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