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3 JULY 2023 | Uniting In Faith; Praying For Revival

At the last supper, Jesus prayed for unity among his disciples just as he and the Father were one. This beautiful expression of oneness resonates when followers of Christ come together, raising their voices in harmony, and earnestly seeking God's transformative power for our beloved nation. It is in this spirit that LoveSingapore organizes the annual 40 Days of Prayer, providing a profound opportunity for us to stand alongside fellow believers, interceding for one another, our church, and our nation. Therefore, I want to encourage every member of Chapel of the Resurrection to commit to this significant national prayer initiative which will commence on 1 July.

Singapore needs our prayer now more than ever. During these 40 Days of Prayer, let us unite our hearts in intercession for the pressing needs of our nation. Through our prayers, we possess the power to break chains, bring healing, and ignite positive change that reverberates throughout society. As we humbly come before God, seeking His grace and mercy for the transformation of Singapore, we are actively shaping the destiny of our nation.

On a personal level, this season of prayer serves as a profound spiritual discipline that aligns our hearts with the very heart of God. Each day, we will embark on a journey seeking God's purpose and guidance for our lives, families, and ministries. Throughout these 40 days, we purposefully lay our concerns, dreams, and decisions before God, inviting His divine discernment and illumination into every aspect of our lives. This intentional period of prayer deepens our relationship with God, enabling us to experience His presence and tap into His infinite wisdom, strength, and love.

Chapel of the Resurrection, let us rekindle the flame of our prayer lives, strengthening our personal connection with God while collectively interceding for the welfare of our nation. As we wholeheartedly seek God's face, repent of our sins, and align our lives with His purposes, may the Lord graciously pour out His Holy Spirit upon His church. May we encounter a fresh and powerful renewal of our passion for God and our nation, becoming vessels of revival that bring forth transformation to every corner of Singapore.

Rev. David Lee


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