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COR One Camp

The months leading up to June were led with anticipation for this much raved about Church Camp! Indeed, ενότητα 2017 lived up to its hype of coming together as ONE church. While the camp may have lasted only four days and three nights, it was truly an exciting time of learning God’s word and catching up with one another. Read what Esther Cheong (Saturday Praise Service) and Joshua Chin (Mustard Seed Service) have to say as they mused on the significance of this camp.


7 became the first time I travelled and roomed with both of them.

Although I could only take a small step of faith, God brought reconciliation and healing to my family through the camp. I’m thankful to everyone who extended their warm welcome to my parents. Dad enjoyed the fellowship with old friends and they mingled well with my friends and cell members. My brother even brought my father and Jenny for their first group outing to JB after family camp!”

Esther Cheong (SPS)