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WEEK 6 | Day 34: 1 Apr - Review and Prayer


1. How much do you appreciate and value the church as a spiritual family? How much do you treasure all the brothers and sisters in Christ that you have?

2. The commandment to love one another as Christ loved us is so fundamental for strong families. How well are you doing in this respect?

3. Being kind and compassionate to one another, and forgiving each other in Christ is a very strong commandment. How can you encourage that kind of attitude and conduct in your family and interpersonal relationships?

4. Are there people in your family and in our church that you find difficult to bear with? Examine your own heart and ask the Lord to impart more grace and patience to you.

5. Noting all the negative commandments the Scriptures teaches concerning how we ought not relate with our family, which are the ones you struggle with most?


1. Pray for a greater hunger for the Holy Spirit to fill us and a greater surrender and submission to His Word.

2. Pray the “fruit of the Spirit” mentioned in Galatians 6:22 will develop in us increasingly, so that we will have the ability to truly become a positive and powerful influence in the lives of our church family, bringing about strong unity and partnership for the sake of the Gospel.

3. Pray for all members who need healing, restoration and reconciliation through the ministry of the Spirit-filled church. Pray that all will find great encouragement and joy in being part of God’s family.



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